Before we say a fond and festive farewell to Belize, here are just a few of the things we’ve been up to over the last few months.

Pearce family Xmas belize 2010

Christmas Day complete with tinsel.

Banana Bank Lodge horse riding

While we waited a couple of days for those all-important visas to be processed in Belmopan, we headed to Banana Bank Lodge for some pre-festive fun n horse riding.

The Island Academy xmas pageant

The Island Academy Christmas Pageant 2010 – Santa’s holiday playlist taught me a thing or two about ipods too.

Evie's 6th birthday

Evie had her 6th birthday at the San Pedro club. The theme was VERY mermaid.

Jex and Evie at the top of Xunantunich Mayan temple where we got a good view of Guatemala.

Nana and Grandad with us on Xunantunich

The last time Grandad came to Xunantunich was in 1963. He was sure it was several feet higher to account for all the soil and vegetation before major excavations.

One big Amber Jack

And we’re still trying to eat it.

40 and lovin' it!

A sophisticated moment for my 40th.

Pending proofreading

Dad proofreading my forthcoming book – ‘Belize and the Jaguar Sun King’ which is the first in the series ‘Creature Quests’


The defunct toilets at Belize Zoo. The Ladies obviously handle the hurricanes better than the Gents…

The Gents

An update

Belize has been treating us very well this year. The photos below show a few of the things we’ve been up to.

Fire Coral

Independence day in Belize is celebrated every 21 September and the School parades and parties with style. Check out those colourful fire coral inspired head dresses.

James & Jex sailing

James won the first of the San Pedro sailing Club events where local conditions were ideal for some great sailing.


The recently established wine & book club combo is working out very well.

Fried Wigs

Fried wigs is just a sample of the local food specialities here in Belize.

Turtle man

The Turtle Man’s retreat on Ambergris Caye is a great place to just get away from it all and sleep over the water just several metres from the reef.

ATM Caves

We did some serious caving at Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM). It’s not for the faint hearted.


Jex’s favourite flat bread has followed us from India to Belize and from chapatti to tortilla.


Junior the jaguar at Belize Zoo. The zoo is an incredibly refreshing perspective on rescued Belizean animal life where great effort is made to ensure the layout and the enclosures are as natural as possible. Wire fencing is a pre-requisite, however.

Jex's 7th birthday

Jex’s 7th birthday party at the local pool.

Sunset over Ambergris Caye

Sunset over Ambergris Caye. Nice.


We ventured off road to this vast Mayan settlement in Belize.  The 1200 year old main temple called Caana is still the tallest building in Belize at 141 ft. There can’t be many countries in the world with such an old tallest building.



On a recent trip to Guatemala we popped over to Tikal for some magnificent Mayan temple viewing.  Temple 1 and the resting place of Lord Chocolate sits majestically in the background.


This picture is unique!

The number of times I have tried, as a mother, to get the perfect picture of my kids.  Personally, I think this comes quite close.  Once again it was taken on the pier.


Hanging out by the beach

The sea is just a hop, skip and a jump so that’s what we do after school.


Surf n Turf!

We tried our first lobster in Belize and we weren’t disappointed.  The ‘blue Iguana’ bar and restaurant conducted a love poems competition as background entertainment while we ate.  We gave top marks to a love affair between a black-eyed lobster and the poet.  Peculiar stuff.

surf n turf night in San Pedro

Fishing off the pier

James has taken to a daily spot of fishing off the local pier.  One time he brought back 5 or more snappers each about 15cm long.  The next plan of attack is to row out to the reef and get something a little meatier.  Photos to come.

Fishing for supper off the pier

The beginning of our next destination

We managed a few days hanging out by the Caribbean sea while we investigated home rental opportunities, schooling etc etc in Belize.  Nice.


And another one …


Jex managed a spot of coconut tree climbing in between school.

Coconut tree in Belize

Bonne Année from Paris

1st January 2010

Viewing the Eiffel was a good start to 2010.  We even considered the chilly prospect of joining the lengthy queues to get a better view of Paris before we thought better of it.

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