Before we say a fond and festive farewell to Belize, here are just a few of the things we’ve been up to over the last few months.

Pearce family Xmas belize 2010

Christmas Day complete with tinsel.

Banana Bank Lodge horse riding

While we waited a couple of days for those all-important visas to be processed in Belmopan, we headed to Banana Bank Lodge for some pre-festive fun n horse riding.

The Island Academy xmas pageant

The Island Academy Christmas Pageant 2010 – Santa’s holiday playlist taught me a thing or two about ipods too.

Evie's 6th birthday

Evie had her 6th birthday at the San Pedro club. The theme was VERY mermaid.

Jex and Evie at the top of Xunantunich Mayan temple where we got a good view of Guatemala.

Nana and Grandad with us on Xunantunich

The last time Grandad came to Xunantunich was in 1963. He was sure it was several feet higher to account for all the soil and vegetation before major excavations.

One big Amber Jack

And we’re still trying to eat it.

40 and lovin' it!

A sophisticated moment for my 40th.

Pending proofreading

Dad proofreading my forthcoming book – ‘Belize and the Jaguar Sun King’ which is the first in the series ‘Creature Quests’


The defunct toilets at Belize Zoo. The Ladies obviously handle the hurricanes better than the Gents…

The Gents

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  1. carol and john Says:

    Another great set of pictures. What lovely memories you will all have!

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